Dining Rooms

Our dining rooms are almost always centered with a great piece of furtiture. When it comes to our finishes, we take many extra steps that you won’t find elsewhere else. High-gloss finishes; including all of the steps that takes. We do the primer, sanding, prepping, painting, top coating; and, lastly, buffing, a process which is most important and takes weeks if it's done right.

Service is 2nd to none; you really can’t compare us with other vendors. Instead of dealing with sales reps, our approach is more personal and focused on building a relationship. We go onsite and always give a free consultation. We measure and we design; it’s what we do best. Our passion has always been in the millworks, and precision is is our nature.

We understand customers who are lost; they have no idea where to start. We go in to LISTEN. Once the ideas are born, we look at the space, and we immediately know where we want to go with the project. Our customers don’t want to go to Home Depot or Lowes or Ikea. They need something personalized to their lifestyle.